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The InvisaGig - 5G Wireless High Speed Modem System - Super Simple, Crazy Fast


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The InvisaGig 5G Wireless Modem is Super Simple to use and Crazy Fast with the latest in cellular 5G modem technology.
5G Speeds
Easy to Use
Fully US Supported

Customer Reviews

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Michael Riddle
Nice little devices

Really easy to setup and configure. These have no bloat or other frills. Connecting is easy and quick.

D Curtis
It is simple. It is fast.

My Invisagig arrived on a Saturday morning. I went over the included materials and watched a couple videos, then I installed it. Done. No drama. I knew it was receiving a signal, and how strong that signal was, because I could see that information in real time. This thing has better components than I was using before, so my speed tripled. I am NOT using the carrier that provides the best signal at my location. So I expect an even better result when I am. This is exactly what I wanted.

Tyler Key
Hard pressed to find better!

I have tried many of the cheaper products out there. At this point, this is the only one that all the features work and I don't have to babysit. US based support so solutions to self inflected issues are quite clear compared to over seas or diy units. The non forced updates that are well tested are excellent and don't introduce more bugs rendering specific functions useless. Product feedback and improvement is welcomed by the developers as well as in depth explanations to specific scenarios you may may encounter or worry about encountering. I've been using it for 6+ months as primary internet as I travel the states by RV.

The cost may be the downfall of this but when everything works as it should, is cost really a downfall?

Matthew Sublette
What you have been trying to build!

Simple modem to ethernet bridge. Very well done menu/gui and every option and feature you NEED with ZERO blot. Bravo WH

rory ingram
Absolutely the best

This is my 5th upgrade and most likely my last. This system out preforms all the others by far. Plus, I don’t have to worry about confirming the router. I installed it, plugged it into my mesh and it did the rest. I didn’t even adjust anything and it was already out preforming the system it replaced. Thank you for the excellent product and I wish you all the best.